Derrell Isenberg

Derrell Isenberg has been the Vice President of Digco Utility Construction since 2000. Previously, Isenberg served with Houston Lighting and Power working specifically in electrical distribution and transmission. In 1980, he moved to North Houston Pole Line to serve in a similar capacity. In 1997, he helped lead the companies effort to integrate into the gas construction industry with the formation of Digco Utility. Shortly after, in 1999, he became an active member of Digco which he continues to this day. 

Isenberg has been a member of the Texas Gas Association since 2007. He has served on the Executive Board of Directors as Treasurer as well as being Chairman of the TGA Scholarship Committee since 2010. He has also been a member of the Louisiana Gas Association since 2006 and an Executive Board member since 2010. He also served on a committee that initiated the move to bring joint trenching to the Houston service area. He believes strongly in the youth of the state and country and is passionate about educating young people about the opportunities and benefits of the gas industry. Derrell is married with two children.


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