About Us

Who We Are

The Louisiana Gas Association, commonly referred to as the LGA, is a non-profit organization incorporated in Louisiana. It is comprised of members from all areas of the natural gas industry, in particular:
  1. Natural Gas Distribution companies, both investor-owned and municipalities;
  2. Hazardous Liquid and Natural Gas Transmission Operators;
  3. Master Meter Operators; and
  4. Associate members representing companies who produce or market natural gas, or provide goods and services to the natural gas industry.
The LGA is composed of more than 125 gas distribution and transmission companies in Louisiana, including both municipal and investor-owned systems. Association members serve more than ninety-five percent of the gas customers in the State of Louisiana. In addition, there are more than 80 associate member companies, 30 master meter operators, and 125 individual members.

Our Purpose

The LGA supports its members and the industry by providing services to enhance performance, promote safety, and broaden public awareness of the natural gas industry's contributions to society and the environment. Specific areas of concern are:
  1. Education and training,
  2. Public relations,
  3. Legislation affecting the natural gas industry, and
  4. Compliance with rules and regulations.

Our Objectives

  • To sponsor public education and public relations programs that will enhance the distribution and use of natural gas and create greater confidence in, respect for, understanding of and goodwill toward the natural gas industry
  • To accumulate data useful in developing engineering, operating and management programs and work practices that will contribute to improvement in the safe and reliable distribution, transportation, production and use of natural gas, and to make such data available to members of the association
  • To procure, review and provide comment on rules and regulations related to the use of natural gas as may be proposed by competent authority, and to furnish association members with suggestions, guidelines, methods or other data to assist them in compliance with such valid rules and regulations
  • To conduct affairs of the association in such a manner as to foster cooperation between industry and government bodies through better understanding of their activities needs and challenges, and the problems each must solve, whether mutual or unique.


Primary functions of the LGA are performed through the thirteen standing committees and three sub-committees. See Committees section for contacts and the specific purposes and functions of each committee.

Job Opportunities

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Louisiana Gas Association provides information on both In-State and Out-of-State natural gas and pipeline industry career opportunities. These job postings are an information source and NOT an endorsement, recommendation or referral by the Louisiana Gas Association. Job listings are not intended to be all-inclusive; contact the listed employer directly for more information. 




Questions? Contact the LGA office.
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