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The following are the LGA Membership categories available.  The pricing for each may vary depending on the number of meters your company services.

  • Transmission Member ($750 annually) - Operators engaged in the transmission of natural gas or natural gas liquids by pipeline.

  • Gas Distribution Member ($100-1,500 annually) - Operators engaged in the distribution or delivery of gas within the state of Louisiana.

  • Master Meter Member ($100-150 annually) - Operators of small pipeline systems that distribute gas within an area, such as: mobile home park, housing project, school, or apartment complex. 

  • Associate Member ($200 annually) - Any person, firm, company or corporation actively engaged in gas production or marketing, manufacture or fabrication of gas appliances, supplies or equipment for the gas industry, the sale or distribution of same; or persons, firms, companies or corporations that furnish professional services or contract services to the gas industry.

​Your named representatiave will receive all information and announcements from the association and will represent your organization in business meetings.  This employee will pay no additional membership dues.  Additional employees may join as an individual member for $25 each.

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Membership Options


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