If you're committed to serving the natural gas community beyond the office or field, the Louisiana Gas Association's committees may be the opportunity you're looking for. Our committees work with the Board of Directors to oversee the various programs and operations of the LGA. As a member of the LGA, you are encouraged to join any of the committees below. With your participation and dedication, we can build a stronger association and industry!

To join a committee, please complete the form below and return it to the LGA office at You can also join a committee by logging into your LGA account and selecting "Committees & Groups" from your bookmarks. Have questions? Contact the LGA office at (225) 218-6885.


Committee Description
  • Responsible for studying the Association's needs and long-range plans. The committee helps maintain continuity within the Association. The chairperson reports the committee's ideas and recommendations to the Board. The immediate Past-President serves as the chairperson and the committee consists of previous LGA Presidents who are still involved in the gas industry. 
    • Chair: Sue Guidry, Targa Resources
  • Provides the membership with the latest information throughout the year on new and improved products and services for the natural gas industry. The committee also provides exhibits for the Association's Annual Meeting and sponsor several informational and social activities during the Annual Meeting. 
    • Chair: Randall Rogers, Kerotest
Budget, Finance & Investment
  • The committee is co-chaired by the President and Treasurer of the Association. Primary responsibilities include the preparation of the LGA Annual Budget and managing the Association's finances and investments. 
    • Chair: Ken Drone, Louisiana Municipal Association
  • Responsible for assuring the operation of the Association through established guidelines. If needed, committee members shall make amendments to the Bylaws [in accordance with Article XVI] and ensure availability of the Bylaws to the membership. 
    • Chair: Blaine Spell, CenterPoint Energy
Code & Distribution
  • Responsible for monitoring building, plumbing codes, and construction standards. 
    • Chair: Darrell Dugas, City of Denham Springs
  • This committee provides oversight for LGA communications to its members. Including newsletters, website content, and conference programs. 
    • Chair: Cole Vanderlick, LA One Call Systems
  • The purpose of the Convention committee is to plan and coordinate all activities related to the Annual Operations Conference. The committee is chaired by the President. 
    • Chair: Blaine Spell, CenterPoint Energy
Damage Prevention & Public Awareness 
  • Responsible for planning, developing, and coordinating LGA's annual Damage Prevention and Line Locating workshop. The committee represents the LGA on the LA Regional Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Board and the LA Dig Law Committee and works closely with LA One Call on Damage Prevention and Public Awareness campaigns. It is also responsible for monitoring the industry for public awareness functions that would benefit the Association and its members. Examples include tradeshows, training seminars, gas products, appliances, and technology advancements. The purpose is to increase opportunities for LGA's participation at functions held within the gas industry while assisting its members with additional gas knowledge and public awareness programs.
    • Chair: Raymond Sonnier, Atmos Energy
Education & Training
  • Responsible for directing all education and training activities within the Association. The committee plans, schedules, and coordinates educational seminars, roundtable discussions, and training classes. 
    • Chair: Rusty Burroughs, NuLine Utility Services
Legislative & Regulatory
  • Maintains a watchful eye on any proposed legislation that may affect the natural gas industry in Louisiana. The committee is responsible for procuring, reviewing, and providing comments on proposed laws to the Board to allow the Association to take a position and express an opinion on legislation affecting the industry. 
    • Chair: Jim Dicharry, Centerpoint Energy
  • Responsible for promoting the use of natural gas in Louisiana which can lead to benefits and savings for the industry and consequently all members of the Association. The committee coordinates joint advertising and sponsorship activities throughout the Association.
    • Chair: Byron Hardy, CenterPoint Energy 
Membership & Nominating
  • Responsible for promoting membership in the Association by recruiting new members, retaining existing members, and encouraging members to become more active within the organization. 
    • Chair: Mark LeBlanc, EGW Utilities 
Pipeline Safety Conference
  • Chaired by the President who is responsible for planning and organizing the annual Pipeline Safety Conference. They are to coordinate with LDNR personnel to obtain speakers, plan the agenda, and provide attendees with pertinent info regarding current and proposed rulemaking and regulatory requirement updates. 
    • Chair: Larry Wiliams, City of Walker
  • Responsible for administering the Scholarship Program for the Association. This includes, receiving, reviewing, and awarding scholarships to qualified applicants.
    • Chair: Terry Thibodeaux, Gridsource
  • Provides feedback to the LGA regarding issues or proposed rulemaking which could affect Transmission Operators, both liquid and gas. 
    • Chair: Cordell Theriot, EnLink Midstream



Questions? Contact the LGA office.
Ph: (225) 218-6885
Fax: (225) 767-7648