Chellie Godeaux

Chellie has the honor of being the first woman inducted into the Hall of Flames. She is an Associate Member and has a Certified Woman-Owned Business.

She began her tenure with the LGA in 2000 as a volunteer coordinating the Ladies Tour, which led to her election as board member the following year. Chellie actively serves on multiple committees, including scholarship, education, convention, and our 191/192/195 conference. She was elected treasurer in 2006, a position she continues to hold. Chellie's vision when joining the LGA included online registration, innovative marketing, and the passion to connect small and large operators.


Her career in the natural gas industry began 1989 as an administrative assistant for a service contractor specializing in maintenance and regulatory compliance. She quickly realized that the natural gas industry was part of her business passion. Chellie opened LNGS (a Louisiana utility contractor) in 2005. Her firm performs work in all phases of the natural gas industry including construction, maintenance, regulatory compliance reporting, and more.


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