New: LOOP Facility Tour


This tour will take place Thursday, August 17. There is an extra fee of $100 associated with this tour. LGA will provide a chartered bus to and from LOOP and meals for the day. More details and logistics will be released soon. 


LOOP is the nation’s only crude oil deep water port serving the energy logistics needs of global refiners, producers and energy traders. LOOP’s primary objective is to safely and efficiently serve each customer with timely and innovative energy logistics and support services. The tour of LOOP’s Galliano Facility will bring into perspective the extent of LOOP’s facilities including twenty two storage tanks and eight underground storage caverns with a total storage capacity of 72 million barrels, connections to some of the largest offshore production gathering systems in the Gulf of Mexico, and to pipelines connecting to 2.4 million barrels per day in refining capacity. As part of the tour, LOOP’s SMEs will host interactive presentations on some of LOOP’s unique assets including cavern operations, offshore mooring of ships, pipeline integrity, hurricane preparedness, emergency response and ESG program.‚Äč




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